Introduction to Counselling Skills

This course provides a solid introduction for people interested in the use of counselling skills. It is ideal if you want to develop your helping skills in professional or voluntary roles, or if you wish eventually to train as a professional counselor, this introductory course is for you.  This introductory course covers key areas to include:

  • what is counselling - Key concepts/ideas
  • basic safety and trust while listening
  • reflection and empathy
  • Interrelational communication
  • understanding power dynamics within a counselling setting
  • developing self-awareness/self reflection


This course introduces you to a range of counseling skills, designed to provoke self reflection and self awareness, as well as the use of counseling as a therapeutic tool. The course is involves student participation in group discussions, practical exercises, triads and is very experiential in nature.

The two days will be up of three parts, which looks at the theory, application of theory in practice and self reflection. This facilitates the process of understanding the concepts, developing your counselling skills, and to becoming more self-aware.